JBR Genome Browser

JBR Genome Browser is a fast and reliable general purpose genome browser.
You can view any of the preprocessed datasets or upload you own session, JBR yaml and IGV xml formats are supported.

Currently available datasets are:

Session Build Tracks File
2018_h3k27ac_aging hg19 125
2018_h3k27me3_aging hg19 166
2018_h3k36me3_aging hg19 162
2018_h3k4me1_aging hg19 101
2018_h3k4me3_aging hg19 125
2018_rrbs_aging hg19 44
2019_DT1634_Denis_GSE149877 mm10 33
2019_DT1634_Denis_GSE86797 mm10 32
2019_batf_SWA10856 mm10 18
2019_gxfer1_DT1634_Denis mm10 37
2019_scatac_DT1755_3vs3_human_nk_t hg38 26
2019_scatac_DT1755_3vs3_human_pbmc hg38 43
2019_scatac_mice_1vs1 mm10 24
DT1634_Denis_GSE149877 mm10 59
DT1634_Denis_GSE86797 mm10 57
gse112622 mm10 13
gse149877_atac_seq mm10 11
gse86797_atac_seq mm10 10